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Part II, Chapter 23:


Relaxing All The Way Down


 Needless tension lowers your vision, while relaxation helps you to see better. You can experience deep relaxation tonight when you lie in bed. Simply lie on your back, with legs stretched out and arms by your side. Your eyes are covered with a dark soft cloth (such as a shirt sleeve)Just enjoy the darkness and the silence for a minute. Let your body relax from head to toes.


 Your mind/body is probably still tense and agitated from the day's activities. A never-ending stream of thoughts rushes through your head. All your energy seems to be centered at the top of your anatomy, in your head. How can you restore the balance and let the energy circulate freely through the whole body?


 The answer is called exhaling through the feet. You picture your breath streaming through your whole body. With your next out-breath, visualize the air slowly flowing down. Imagine how the breath streams through all the organs along the way, through the heart, lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys, sex organs, upper legs, knees, calves and out through the soles of your feet. 


When your lungs have expelled all the air, let the inhaling follow by itself. Let the air come spontaneously, without any conscious effort. When your lungs are full again, exhale in the same way through the whole body to the soles of your feet.



Soon you fall asleep relaxed and happy, and next morning you feel invigorated. People in the Far-East have used this method for thousands of years. They believe that it creates good health, a happy disposition and good fortune, if practiced daily over the months and years.



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Christopher Markert



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