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Part I, Chapter 3:


Why Glasses and Lenses

Weaken Your Eyes


Perhaps you have been told that glasses and lenses are good for your eyes, that you should keep wearing them, and that not wearing them would cause problems.  While it is true that they can make you see and feel better at first, they can never improve your eyesight.


Artificial lenses encourage you to use your eyes in the wrong way, they confirm unnatural habits. They cannot resolve the major underlying cause of poor vision, which is mental strain.


They allow you to see well with your visual defect.  You are therefore stuck on this level of defective vision.  Whenever your eyes try to function normally, your vision will be blurred.  Now you can see well only when your eyes malfunction, and the visual defect becomes permanent. 


The same happens when defects are corrected through operations of the cornea.  Straining becomes a habit, and your eyes will tend to get progressively worse.  If you are now short- or far-sighted, your chances of later developing astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration or other retina problems are increased.




         Have you noticed that you can see better on some days than on others? Your eyesight fluctuates continuously, depending on lighting conditions, your mood, the weather, your health, your state of mind, the object you are looking at, the person you are with, exposure to drugs, alcohol, disturbing noises or other distractions.


 When you are given a prescription for glasses of minus 3 diopters, for instance, this can only be an approximate average measure.  If you get your eyesight tested by several other experts, each will probably give you a different prescription and explain why the others are incorrect.


The testing procedure itself can in fact produce faulty vision. Especially infants and children are, while being tested, exposed to stressful conditions.  Harsh lighting, loud voices, intimidating adults or the absence of mother are disturbing influences. 


Moreover, the people who administer the tests usually wear glasses or lenses themselves, they are often stressed or in a hurry.  Even the eyesight of grown-ups can suffer temporarily while they wait in line for the various electronic tests that are hurriedly performed by stressed doctors.


 You can experience how your eyesight fluctuates by doing without glasses or lenses for a few weeks.  At first your vision will be blurred, but soon you will notice that it actually gets better.  You can now see certain objects that you did not see when you first took the lenses off. 


If, on the other hand, you start wearing glasses for the first time, the opposite happens: your vision deteriorates within days or weeks.  The things that you saw quite well without glasses or lenses before will now appear blurred when you take the glasses off.




Why settle for contacts or glasses when you can improve your eyesight yourself?  Besides improving your eyesight, the effective exercises in this program will improve your overall well-being by easing your tension.


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"I can now go swimming and actually see the people on the beach..."

"I've been using the See Without Glasses program for some time now. I think it's been over 5 months. Before I used it, I couldn't really see things far away, since I am near sighted.

I  love going to the beach with my husband and children, but always had trouble recognizing them at the beach after a swim; I even lost them sometimes.

After I recently completely lost my family again at the beach I decided 'enough is enough'. I read about lasik and even visited a lasik doctor. But, I decided I wanted something more natural.

So, I found out about See Without Glasses, and the rest is history. I am so glad I found out about this program. I can now go swimming and actually see the people on the beach. I think that is awesome. Thanks so much!"



-Rose D'Angelo

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, U.S.A.






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