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I've taken the time to answer all possible questions you might have about See Without Glasses. In this page you'll find 99% of the answers to your questions. In the rare event that your question is not answered on this page I can guarantee you it will be answered in the program.


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How does the See Without Glasses program work?


This program is focused on the underlying cause of vision problems. It's a practical, progressive method for improving your eyesight and common eye ailments - from short- and farsightedness to glaucoma and cataract. It shows how to activate your body's natural healing powers to sharpen your vision and mental focus.


The method was developed by a famous American eye doctor, and millions have benefited from it over decades. It gets results with all types of poor vision. It helps you see better at any age. It works even if your parents wear glasses, or if you have worn glasses for years.


Due to many stresses put upon the visual system, the use of glasses and contacts, and the natural aging process, your eyes can become weak and distorted, causing blurred vision. The See Without Glasses program is based on improving your eyesight through eye exercises that relax and strengthen your eyes.


For what type of visual defects is the program suitable?


The See Without Glasses program can be beneficial for:

  • Near-sightedness (myopia)

  • Far-sightedness (hyperopia)

  • "Old-age sight" (presbyopia)

  • Astigmatism

  • Cross-eye (strabismus)

  • Cataract

  • Glaucoma

  • Lazy Eye (amblyopia)

  • Poor Night Vision

  • Light Sensitivity

  • Eyestrain

  • Tension Headache

  • Macular Degeneration

  • Dyslexia


Is the program suitable for my specific case?


The program is suitable for anyone who can relate to any of the above mentioned visual defects. If you have doubts that the program might not work in your specific case, I recommend you to just try it out.


You have 60 days to try See Without Glasses totally risk free. When you are committed and do the eye exercises daily for 10-20 minutes a day, you should see improvements in your eyesight within 4 weeks. If you don't improve your eyesight, then simply e-mail me, and I will cheerfully give you a full refund.


Is the program suitable for children?


Yes, the See Without Glasses program can be very beneficial for children.

You can help even babies to see better by relaxing them, to avoid straining and staring. Chapter 13 shows how children at school can see
better through simple exercises that take only minutes a day.


How long will it take before I see improvement?


In the program are many different eye exercises. We recommend  that you try them all. Then make a selection of those you enjoy the most and do them for 10-20 minutes each day. If you cannot complete the entire daily routine or miss a day, simply pick up where you left off. Many people notice an improvement in their eyesight  in just a few weeks, with significant gains throughout the following months.  You can continue with the program for as long as you like for further improvement.


I'm skeptical. Can you give me a scientific explanation why the program works?


Your eyes have internal and external muscles.  The internal (ciliary) muscles change the shape of the lens for fine-tuning the focus.  Each eyeball also has two pairs of external muscles that turn it up and down and sideways, and one pair of muscles that change the shape of the whole eyeball.  This latter pair can shorten or lengthen the eyeball to accommodate for near and far vision.


The eye can thus adjust to near and far vision even after the lens hardens with advancing age.  This contradicts some theories which say that older people must wear glasses because their lenses have hardened.  Many older people who had worn glasses for years have regained perfect vision by retraining these external (oblique) muscles.


In the same way short-sighted children can learn to adjust the shape of their eyeballs for far vision.  They are not condemned to wear glasses because they were born with elongated eyeballs or deformed corneas.  The true cause of short-sightedness in children is usually mental strain brought on by pressures in the family or at school.


The key to near and far accommodation is to relax these muscles and to let them function naturally.  Short-sighted people can learn to lose their fear of seeing far objects that make their eye muscles tense up.  Far-sighted people can learn to feel at ease with near objects.  People with astigmatism can lose their fear of seeing the world in sharp focus by relaxing the tension that pulls the eyeballs out of shape.  People with cross-eye or lazy eye can lose the fear of looking at unpleasant facts with both eyes, instead of turning one eye away.  Dyslexic people can regain their visual and mental focus when they drop nervous and impatient habits of thinking, perceiving and seeing. This is easily achieved through a specific eye exercises that stimulate the integral components of the eye in a manner that would never be achieved through normal daily use.


My eyesight is very poor; -10 & -11.5. Will the program help in this case?


Yes, no matter how poor your eyesight is, doing the exercises of the See Without Glasses program will be beneficial for you. However, if your  eyesight is very poor, it will take more time, commitment and dedication before you start to see improvement then in the case of some one who has -2 for example.


Can I keep using my glasses or lenses whilst I do the program?


Most exercises in the program are done without glasses/contacts. But each case is different and this is all explained in the book. To drive a car for example, you might still need your glasses/contacts at first. Improvement is gradual so while your vision is improving you may need to obtain a new lens prescription so that your current prescription does not overcompensate for your vision improvement. Many people are able to make this transition without doing so, but if needed it is a small sacrifice for the benefits you will obtain.


Does my eyesight revert back to how it was when I stop doing the exercises?


The program helps you understand your eyes and to use them in a new way. As your eyes improve, this becomes a habit. But to keep from slipping back, it is best to read the book now and then and do a few exercises. Each case is different, of course, and some people need daily exercise for a long time.


Are there any side effects?


No, the only 'side effects' are that you'll improve your eyesight and your overall health.


What role does food play when it comes to eyesight and do you address this in the program?


It helps to stay away from junk food and to eat things that clean the body instead of clogging it. For example raw fruit cleans and fatty meat clogs. The capillaries in and around the eyeballs must be kept clear, so that pure nourishing blood can bring in nutrients and carry away waste products. Most people nowadays suffer from over-acidity, they eat too much bread, grains and animal products. All the health and women's magazines recommend eating more fruits and vegetables, preferably raw. In the book I have devoted 1 chapter to food.


I am using eye drops. Should I continue using these drops or not?

The best eye drops are produced by our own tear glands. By blinking every 3 - 5 seconds, our "windshield wipers" moisten and clean the eye. If you have dry eyes, perhaps you don't blink often enough, or you live in dry, over-heated or air-conditioned places.  In your particular case there may be a special reason to take eye drops. But our own drops disinfect and moisten perfectly. Another cause of dry eyes is staring, the "cardinal sin" of people with vision problems. Keep those eyeballs moving smoothly!


Can the program really correct strabismus?


Strabismus has to do with the coordination in the brain hemispheres, and the reluctance to see certain aspects of life. The program is beneficial to people with strabismus, but it usually requires a lot of patience to correct it. Relaxation is the key.


Who is the author, Christopher Markert?


Christopher Markert has taught vision improvement for many years. His previous book on vision sold 250,000 copies in 6 countries, including the USA. He has also written 4 books on alternative healing that were translated into a dozen languages. Now he has created 'See Without Glasses', an even more effective and user-friendly way of helping people to improve their eyesight. At age 80 he's living proof his program works; his eyesight is perfect, he enjoys the best of health and feels better than ever.


Chris Markert wrote numerous books on health, popular psychology and Far-Eastern wisdom. His first book, “Test Your Emotions”, sold over 700,000 copies in nine countries. *)


He was born in Germany in 1927. His father, a sculptor and art school professor, was not allowed to teach or exhibit his work during the Hitler years. In World War II the family home in Berlin was destroyed by a bomb, and the second home at the Baltic Sea was confiscated by the Russians.


At the end of the war (1944) Chris was drafted into the air force at age 16, to operate anti-aircraft guns. This was the worst year of his life; he deserted and went into hiding. As the Allied Forces advanced, he ended up in an American prison camp with 100,000 POWs. He found this better than being in the German army, except that there was no shelter and very little food. He developed hunger aedema (swollen legs) and moved about on hand and knees for a few weeks.


In July 1945 he was released and joined his parents who had escaped from Russian-occupied East Germany. His father now became a professor again, and Chris studies sociology and economics at Munich University. For a year he worked in an institute for public opinion research.


In 1954 he immigrated to the USA where he started his career as a dishwasher in New York. Gradually his English improved, and he found work at an advertising agency (Young & Rubicam), later at Raymond Loewy Assoc. In San Francisco he worked for a division of McGraw-Hill Publ. Co.


He had always dreamt of being a writer, and in 1967 he got his first book published. Encouraged by this success he moved to the Canary Islands (Spain) and kept writing. For the last 15 years he has enjoyed the easy life on a tropical island in Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”. At present he is working on a book entitled “Life is a Joy… when you find your inner self”.


*) His books are listed at Yahoo, Google, Amazon etc., under Christopher Markert


What other books has Christopher Markert written?


Christopher Markert has written several books on alternative health. His latest book is called Relax Feel Good.


What exactly is an e-book?


The program is only available as an e-book (an electronic book). It is a pdf file that you download to your computer. It's really easy to download; once you've ordered the program you get precise instructions that guide you step-by-step.


The great advantage of an e-book is that it gives you instant access.  That's right. You get all the information right now by instant access from your computer for immediate results and backed by my 60-day guarantee.

Benefit #1 -- The e-Book is easy to download and read! You can just turn on your computer and read your e-book right from the comfort of your own chair or print it out.

Benefit #2 -- There are no shipping costs involved in buying the e-Book version! Forget about those shipping and handling charges.

Benefit #3 -- Delivery is immediate. Forget about taking the time to wait for your order in the mail. You can simply download your e-Book from the Internet and receive your purchase immediately without any extra costs to you!

Benefit #4 -- Privacy and Security. You will receive your e-book via the internet just moments after you order. You do nothing but read your e-book on the spot!

So just to make it clear: you will not be receiving a 'physical' book!


How do I download an e-book?


The precise instructions on how to download it will be given to you as soon as you've placed your order.


Can I download this product to my Web-TV?


No. Unfortunately this is not possible.


Can I download the product if I have a iBook/Mac computer?


Yes, without any problem.


Can I download this product on multiple computers?


You can download this product to only 1 computer.


Can I save this product to a diskette or CD-rom?


Yes, it is possible to save it on to a diskette or CD-rom.


Once the program is downloaded to my computer will I be able to use/view it off-line?


Yes, once it is installed you can use/view it off-line, so you don't have to be on-line once it is downloaded and installed in to your computer.


Will I be able to print it out on a printer?


Yes, it is possible to print out the 122 page e-book.


Is the See Without Glasses Program available in hard copy book version?


Currently this program is only for sale in e-book format.


Can I pay extra and have you ship me a printed book?


Sorry, this is not possible.


Can I order by telephone?


Sorry, it is not possible to order via telephone. We are a European based company and most of our customers live in completely different time zones. Therefore it possible to order via email or fax only. Our fax number is 281-528 1860.


Do you ship internationally?


There is no shipping involved since the program is only available in electronic format (e-book). The great advantage of an e-book is that you can be reading it five minutes after you order through our totally secure server. Plus it saves you money on shipping.


Is there any other way to pay for the program besides credit card payment, PayPal or E-check?


We only accept credit card payments and payments through PayPal. Maybe a friend can help you out?



Is the See Without Glasses program available in bookshops or online bookshops?


The program is only available via this website.


I deleted the e-mails with the free chapters. How can I get hold of them again?


You can get access free chapters again by clicking on any of the links below:

1st Free Chapter

2nd Free Chapter

3rd Free Chapter


What if the program doesn't work for me?

Can you explain the Guarantee Policy?


You have 90 days to try See Without Glasses totally risk free. I'm 100% certain that when you are committed, and do the eye exercises daily for 10-20 minutes a day, you'll  see dramatic improvements in your eyesight within weeks. If you don't improve your eyesight, then simply e-mail me, and I will cheerfully give you a full refund.

The 90 day guarantee starts from the date you purchased the program.


Is the program for sale in other languages besides English?


This program is only available in English.


In what currency is the program for sale?


All prices mentioned on the web site are in US Dollars.


What is the price in Indian Rupees or other currencies?

US$37 is approximately INR 1,610. For the exact currency or any other currency besides Indian Rupees please visit


I'm really interested in the program, but I have no money...


Just think about the money this could save you if you did not need glasses or contacts anymore...


I have a question that is not listed here...


If you have a question that is not listed here, the answer will be inside the See Without Glasses Program. Remember that there's a 90 day guarantee, so you risk nothing.




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